Trisha Crocker

Art Psychotherapy

Art therapy differs from other psychological therapies in that the added element of the making of art may be particularly helpful to those who find it hard to communicate thoughts and feelings verbally. In this way, intense and painful thoughts and feelings can be identified and explored in supportive circumstances.

The nuances and opportunity for reflection that may be achieved through the use of paints, clay and other creative materials in the presence of a trained Art Therapist, can be both revealing and healing.

Art Therapy

Skill in art is not a concern as the overall aim of the Art Therapist is to enable the client to achieve change and growth through the use of creative materials in a safe and contained environment. Art Therapy can be used successfully as an individual or group activity. In either situation the relationship between the therapist and the client or clients is of central importance.

If you would like more information on Art Therapy and the benefits it has for exploring inner issues of self-esteem, anxiety or destructive feelings, please get in touch by email

Trisha works on an hourly basis as an Art Therapist for adults and children, either privately or in schools and has extensive experience working with adolescents in mental health institutions and schools. As a Behavioural Associate for a Borough Council, Trisha works in many primary and secondary schools or special schools. Children who are at risk of exclusion stemming from issues at home or in the classroom, benefit from her interventions. She has worked on occasion for three other Borough Councils when requested. Full references are available on request.

Trisha is a Member of the British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT), registered with the Health Professions Council (HPC) and a State Registered Art Therapist

“Trisha is particularly good at engaging those young people with challenging and oppositional behaviour. She has the ability to get on well with adolescents and the young people on the unit engaged well with her…”

Dr. Sharon Davies, Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist – The Huntercombe Maidenhead Hospital