Trisha Crocker


Carly spent her youth in Hollywood where she was surrounded by friendships she would always treasure.

The Tear Vessel Among her earliest chums was Eric. Intelligent, sensitive and artistic, he grew up to become a successful make-up artist, working for all the major LA film studios, while Carly became a successful dancer in New York.

In spite of distances and differences, Carly and Eric remain attached, though Carly finds her one true love in Englishman Osc Treethorne.

Carly and Osc begin a perfect life together and build a yacht to sail around the world. Yet, even before they set sail, strange things begin to happen. Too much in love to become distrustful of fortune, Osc and Carly boldly cross the Atlantic to Trinidad, enjoying every minute of their time together until tragedy strikes and Eric comes back into Carly’s life.

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“A dramatic telling of a compelling tale…tragic but beautifully written…it will move the reader through a whole host of emotions.”

– Mitchell Rycus


“The Tear Vessel,” is Trisha Crocker’s dramatic foray into her most recent art form; writing. As a sculpture artist she is talented and witty, but as an author she shows her true sensitivity. The depth of the characters and Crocker’s understanding of their lives shows in her dialogue and actions. A book for those who are looking to view life in all its forms – sad or glad – and one that reminds us that hope is always there.