Trisha Crocker


Born in Hollywood California, Trisha moved to England in the early 1970’s,
teaching fitness and art before completing an MA in Art Psychotherapy.

Trisha Crocker Over time, dance and art as forms of expression became entwined and by the mid-1990s she began to work with clay and found that the medium allowed her the freedom to play with shape, movement, texture and colour.

Trisha’s work-style is extremely tactile and each sculpture ‘evolves’ in a very organic way, her experiences instrumental in her journey toward the sculpture of figurative female figures.

As a member of the British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT) and The Health Professions Council (HPC), Trisha practices art psychotherapy with both children and
women in one-to-one sessions and group environments.

Trisha is a Dr of Philosophy based on her seven year research on Women’s Perception’s of Their Body Image Using Clay Making as a Tool for Reflection.

Trisha lives in Oxfordshire, near Henley on Thames.